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You can learn to play the piano, organ, or keyboard and have fun! These are the books that Karen refers to in her YouTube videos; now you can order them and learn the easy basics of playing chords.

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Everything You Need To Know Before You Start
To Play The Piano...

If you've decided to start learning how to play a keyboard instrument, you've probably had questions like "Should I get a piano, digital piano, or keyboard?" or "How do I find a piano teacher?" Karen's new book gives friendly, simple answers which draw from her experience as a teacher and former retail sales manager. She has helped thousands of students choose their first keyboard instrument; her new book can help you.

MS-K012BYS (Book)  $10 USD
MS-K012BYS-D (PDF)  $10 USD


Circle Of Chords (DVD with custom chord wheel)

In this 2 DVD set, Karen teaches two classes explaining the basic principles behind the "Circle of Chords". Learn how the "Circle" easily defines standard chord progressions, how to use it to understand how chords work together, and how to use the custom chord wheel (included). This set is a good supplement when used with the second half of Karen's "Emergency Chord Book".

MS-K011DCOC  $20 USD


Everything You Need To Know To Play The Piano
Or Keyboard
 (DVD Edition)

With this new 3 DVD set, you can learn the concepts of Karen's latest book by watching her 7 classes on video. Karen divided the book into sections and talks in detail about the basics of music. While these classes are focused on students who are learning to play a keyboard instrument, the basic music skills covered apply to all musical instruments.

MS-K011DEYN  $30 USD


Everything You Need To Know To Play The Piano
Or Keyboard (Print Edition)

This new book contains everything you need to know about music.  The book covers reading notes, finding the notes on a keyboard, counting, scales, basic chords, key signatures, bass clef, music terminology and much more.  After years of searching for one book that contained all of the information needed to understand music, Karen has collected all of the class materials she has written and used in years of teaching and consolidated them into her own easy-to-understand book.

MS-K011EYN (Book)  $25 USD
MS-K011EYN-D (PDF)  $25 USD
Karen's Emergency Chord Book (with 2 DVDs)

Karen's most popular book teaches you everything you need to know to play chords on piano, organ, or keyboard.  It starts with a very easy, fast method of playing chords and expands slowly into learning how chords are formed, numbered chords, inversions, and the circle of chords.  The 2 DVD set contains 8 classes that take you through the book in detail.

MS-K010ECB (Book & 2 DVDs) $40 USD
MS-K010ECB-D (PDF only) $20 USD
MS-K010ECB-DVD (2 DVDs only) $20 USD


So Much to Learn And Not Enough Years Left to Learn Them

This book was written as a follow-up to the popular "Emergency Chord Book".  It contains more ideas, exercises, and some advanced chord hints.


MS-K010SML (Book)  $15 USD
MS-K010SML-D (PDF)  $15 USD


Playing Music with No Music

This book explains to note readers how to take basic music reading and chords and transform yourself into an ear player.  You can use logic to understand how playing by ear is possible for someone who thinks you have to be born with the talent.

MS-K010PNM (Book)  $15 USD
MS-K010PNM-D (PDF)  $15 USD



Every Workshop I've Ever Done

This book is a collection of several workshops that Karen has done over the years.  This book is full of shortcuts for people playing keyboards, digital pianos with rhythms, and organs.  Lots of fun hints and shortcuts.

MS-K010EWD (Book)  $15 USD
MS-K010EWD-D (PDF)  $15 USD


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